Boys and Girls  Clothing



Boys Shirts

Are available in dress or work. The dress shirts have ruffled cuffs and a detachable ascot , jabot or ruffled stock.  All shirts are made of cotton in solid color or print. Shirts are cut long with buttons at neck and wrists. Linen shirts available.  

Sizes 4 - 16

Boy’s work           $30.00
Boy’s Dress           $40.00

Boy's 1812 waistcoat

Worn in the early 19th century, this waistcoat is styled similar to the men's single breasted waistcoat but with no collar. Available in cotton, wool or linen.

 sizes 4 -16   Cotton  $25.00  Wool     $40.00 Linen        $40.00

This is Timmy and he is wearing our 3 piece boy's everyday outfit for the 1800's. The pullover shirt, trousers and vest are all cotton and have waistband adjustments for comfort.  Order one piece or all three for the complete 1880 look !

Boys pants or breeches

Boys trousers or knee breeches with French fly or Broadfall fronts just like the men's. The gusset at the waistband allows for growth. The knee breeches can be finished with either button or tie knee bands.

Boy’s.   sizes   4 - 16

                       cotton            $35.00

Girls Chemise Dress

This style was popular for girls in the late 1700's and early 1800's. The drawstring neckline and waist  make fit and comfort easy. The gathered  sleeves can be pushed up for play. The dress is made with growth tucks in the skirt. Included period underskirt

 Sizes      3 -12 in cotton $55.00

Made just like the ladies dress in wool or cotton with matching leggings. Ribbon trim around neck and at hem.

                     Size 4 to 14
         Wool           $45.00
      Cotton           $35.00

1860 Dress

This dress common to all areas of the country in the 1860's and early 70's. The bodice buttons in the back with gathered sleeves. The skirt is mid-calf length with several growth tucks. The petticoat also has growth tucks and gathered waist. The pantaloons have gathered waist and drawstring legs for adjustable fit.

                   size 4 -10

cotton        $75.00 for three pieces

Girls Pinafore Dress

Worn  by girls in the later half of the 19th century this two piece dress is comfortable and practical. The under dress has a round collar and button cuff sleeves. The pinafore buttons in the back and doubles as an apron. Both pieces are available with growth tucks in ankle length skirts. A matching bonnet is included.

                    Sizes 4 -14

Cotton     $75.00 all sizes

1800 Girls Dress

A popular style of girl's dress common in the mid 1800's, this simple dress is easy to wear with drawstring neckline and waist. Add the growth tucks above the hem and this dress will grow with your child. Available in cotton with short sleeves in sizes 3-10. Linen or wool with long sleeves is also available in the same sizes.


Cotton $40.00                 Wool or linen $50.00