Blacksmithing Items


Iron Blanket Pins
bout 2.75 in Diameter. Great for pinning top of your Capote together.

Made of  round stock.
$ 10.00 each*

Trammel Hook

Hand forged adjustable Trammel hook for cooking. This S hook adjusts from 6 to 9 in length. Making it easy to keep steady heat under your cooking pot. This hook also works with a fireplace crane and holds a Dutch oven up to 10 diameter with ease.

          $15.00 Each

Vent Pick and Pan Brush Set
Vent Pick is Hand forged, Pan Brush is Deer antler tip with horse hair  bristles.
  $20.00 each

All Fire Steels are made from old files and come with Flint. They Give a good shower of Sparks. All Strikers are 3 Tall  or larger. Will do larger or Smaller Strikers on request.

 1  .Ft Crawford WI 1816 $25.00                      4. Standard C Type $15.00

2. English 1770s $25.00                                   5. Bag Striker $12.00

3. Monkey Tail $15.00                                      6. Sm. Mod. Monkey tail $15.00  

Small  Trivet

Is about 4 1/2" tall 8 1/2' long opens to about 8 1/2" wide. Made out of 5/16" stock and is riveted for a hinge. It folds  to about 3/4" thick. This item is great for pack-in and perfect for setting you coffee pot on. Opens wide enough to set a 12" frying pan on.


$20.00 each


Flint knapping Pliers (Hand forged)

Made of 1095 steel hardened and tempered for strength. Approximately 4 3/8 long, this handy tool will fit neatly into your shooting bag. Both handles are shaped into screwdrivers, one side fits the jaw screw on most Flintlocks and has a notch filed in it to knap the flints. The other handle fits other screws on the lock. The jaws too can be used to knap your flint. Any Flintlock shooter will find these pliers an invaluable addition to his kit.

$20.00 ea