1800s Menís


1812 to 1830 Waistcoat

Waistcoats of the early 19th century were worn in a variety of styles and colors. They were tight fitting and usually came below the hem of the coat. Single breasted or Double breasted styles are available.

                                 36 - 44    46 - 52

Cotton                    $55.00    $65.00

Wool                       $85.00    $95.00

1812 Tail Coat

The elegant Regency style coat features double breasted front closure and either square or swallow tail. The front of the coat is shorter to reveal your waistcoat beneath.

                            34-44              44-52

              Cotton  $125.00        $150.00     

                 Wool   $225.00       $275.00

Bib Front Overalls
Classic working manís garb from 1870ís to 1901. These overalls are full cut to cover a manís regular clothing and protect it from dirt and duck, damage. Made of heavy cotton  they button at the side and bib front. Pockets can be placed in back for more contemporary wear.
   32-52   $65.00       54 plus  $75.00  
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Menís Button Fly Trousers

Made of heavy cotton twill or corduroy these trousers features a5-button fly, adjustable waist band with buckle and strap detail and suspender buttons. Color of your choice. Also available in lined wool .


                               32-44        46-54
Cotton twill          $65.00      $75.00
Wool/lined            $95.00      $115.00

Shirts 1860s to 1900
Classic menís shirt from the mid 19th century through the early 20th century. Made in cotton, muslin and flannel. Plain fabric, checks, stripes and calico
Prints are available.
             Sm. ĖXL    2XL - 3XL
Cotton   $50.00     $55.00
Flannel  $55.00     $70.00

1870 to 1890 Vest
Classic western style vest with pockets and adjustable belt in back. Available with or without collars, Single or Double Breasted

                                       34-44            46-52
Heavy cotton duck,        $50.00          $55.00
Satin, wool, velvet          $70.00          $80.00

 1800 Military Uniforms

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1812 Royal Navy Uniform

Shield or Bib Front Shirt
Button shirt down with bib or firemanís shield. Wide cuffs feature 2-button design for comfort and durability. This a practical and comfortable shirt with style.
Available in cotton, corduroy, flannel or wool.
                               SM-XL       2X-3X
 Cotton                   $55.00      $65.00
 corduroy , flannel  $65.00       $75.00

                                Wool $85.00       $95.00