1800s Ladies




1812 Crossover Dress
Regency cross-over dress closes in back with buttons and adjusts with ribbons on back, at neck and on sleeves. Available with short or long sleeves.
                  10-20               Queen
   Cotton    $110.00            $125.00

1812 Spencer Jacket
The perfect compliment to the cross over dress, this short, tight fitting jacket provides warmth and style.
Available with flat collar or short stand up collar. Wool, brocade, velvet, taffeta, solid color or print.
   6-20          20-26
  $45.00      $55.00
1812 Bib Front
This very easy to wear gown features hook and eye front closures with the bib buttoning at the neck line. Some personal adjustments to fit with ribbon band tieing in back. This dress is perfect for maternity wear or the fluctuating figure.
                                 6-20                Queen
                   Cotton    $110.00           $125.00
                   Wool       $135.00           $145.00

Chemisette and Under Sleeves

Cotton, lawn, linen, with lace or plain to wear under dress to protect neck and sleeves from wear and dirt.

Chemisette or sleeves

$15.00 each.

Prairie Dress

This Dress is a staple of the 1800's women's wardrobe. Available with square or round yoke. Ruffles can be added at the yolk and hem for additional cost. Comes with matching self belt and sun bonnet

       Size  8-16            18-26

Cotton  $95.00         $115.00

1860s Day Dress
Day or camp dress commonly worn for work and everyday life. The bodice is slightly fitted with front closings. The separate skirt is gathered on waistband . The skirt will accommodate several petticoats or a small hoop. Available in cotton,
calicos, florals, stripes and plaids, and light weight wools.
               10-20               QUEEN
Cotton    $95.00             $115.00
Wool      $135.00            $165.00

Camisole & Bloomers

The base of all your mid-nineteenth century costume is the bloomer and camisole. The camisole is a pull-over style with lace trim. The bloomers have a drawstring waistband with the correct open back seam. The legs adjust with ribbon and have lace trim.

Cotton Two piece set   8-12   $55.00     14-22  $65.00 


1860s Civil War Ball Gown

This gown has a fitted bodice with attached skirt  and back closure. It is available with long or short sleeves or sleeveless. The trim is your choice as is color and fabric. Basic gown stats at $200.00 but final price depends on fabric, style and trim.

Sizes 8 to 18.

Click here for printable Ladies measurement information

 Civil War Sleeveless Vest
Front closing, this vest can be worn with tucked bodice or Zouave  jacket.
Available in cotton, brocade, velvet or wool.       All sizes
Cotton or Brocade   $45.00
                     Wool    $65.00

1860 Tucked Bodice & Skirt

This everyday outfit features a button front tucked bodice with bishop or pagoda sleeves. The round neckline has either a stand-up collar or round fold down. The skirt has a button waistband , pleated front and gathered back to keep fullness in the back.     

            Bodice       SM-Med         LG-XL

         Cotton        $45.00          $55.00

            Skirt         All sizes 

                           Cotton   $55.00     Wool  $75.00


The basic Victorian foundation garment features 6-button busk front closure and lace-up back. Stays are feather boning to allow for laundering.


1870ís Four gore skirt, bodice and front tie apron or gathered overskirt
Bodice is fitted with high neck line or square, long or short sleeves available. Four gore skirt provides ample walking comfort and can be worn with or without apron or overskirt. Skirt will fit over bustle This is a fitted ensemble and requires several measurements.
cotton                     6-20               22-26
Bodice                 $55.00             $65.00
Skirt                     $65.00             $75.00
Apron                   $55.00             $65.00
Overskirt             $65.00             $75.00
Complete three piece outfits are available in cotton, velvet , brocades and satin also. Call for price.