1700s Men’s


Shirts are available in dress or work. The dress shirts have ruffled cuffs and a detachable ascot , or ruffled stock. Also available in boy’s sizes. All shirts are made of cotton in solid color or print. Shirts are cut long with buttons at neck and wrists. Linen shirts available.  

 Cotton              SM– XL     2X & 3X   

    Work              $40.00       $45.00     
   Dress              $60.00       $65.00     
              Linen Starting at $75.00

Knee Breeches or Trousers
French Fly Circa 1700s or Broad fall in either knee breeches or trousers.
Made of heavy cotton or wool and lined.

              Sizes 32—52 in
            cotton $70.00
     wool/ lined $95.00

All waistcoats have functional pockets and are lined. Available with adjustable laced or sewn backs. Available with or without sleeves and in two lengths.
Available with Pewter or cloth covered buttons at extra charge.
                                                           SM-XL       2X & 3X
               Waistcoat                               $65.00     $75.00 

 Waistcoat, Sleeved                               $95.00     $105.00
 Waistcoat, wool/lined                            $110.00    $125.00
 Waistcoat, Sleeved/ wool/lined              $145.00     $155.00

Linen Hunting Shirt
Made as an over size shirt so you can split it down the front to use as an over shirt.
All Sizes $110.00

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We will make the uniforms for your group.

Call us for prices on one uniform or for the entire unit.



                                                                        F&I period Royal Artillery officer's uniform

Civilian or Military coat  for the 18th century. Lapels and cuffs can be mixed to fit unit specifications. Frock coats made of heavy cotton, wool, brocade and solid colors.
Starting at $200.00

Coachman’s Coat
Made out of a heavy wool, lined, detachable capes (3 of them). Can be made with accenting collar, cuffs and capes. Functioning pockets and pewter buttons.

Starting at $295.00

These caps are made of Cotton, Wool or linen and are reversible. Plain or prints.

Delp Socks 

Heavy Cotton Socks 9-11 size
 These socks are available in : White, Maroon, Dark Green, Natural, Brown, Mustard, Blue, Charcoal, Black, Light Blue, Bright  Purple, Dark Blue, Olive Drab, and Bright Red. Shades may vary.    $10.00 Pair